Introduction: My internship at Fishing Monthly Group

My internship at Fishing Monthly Group lasted roughly four weeks, and started on 20 July, 2018. Straight off the bat I was very busy, as my internship coincided with one of the busiest times of the year in fishing media.

My first week, consisted of a variety of fieldwork. On the Monday, I visited a potential client wanting to advertise their boat hire business in Deagon. I went out to the Deagon with one of the sales reps, and did a tour of the marina. I then conducted an interview with the owner, before heading back to the office to prepare a half page of editorial to go with the full-page advert they had bought.

The next two days saw me head down to the Gold Coast Convention Centre for the annual Australia Fishing Trade Association show. For two days, I compiled material about new products by conducting interviews, taking notes and collecting media releases, before turning them into 140-160 word write ups about each product for the magazines.

At the show I also had the opportunity to conduct some interviews about certain products in front of a camera, and the videos were posted on social media.

The second week was slightly more relaxed, but still very busy. For the three days I spent in the office, my roles included sub-editing, proofing, and laying out editorial for the magazines, creating small pieces of content for social media and the magazine, and I also found time to review a product I had been testing in the weeks leading up to the internship.

The third week was a busy week in the production cycle, where there was a lot of proofing, however I managed to write up an advertorial for a major client, the material for which I collected by conducting an interview over the phone.

The fourth week was the turnaround week in the production cycle, which saw me archiving the content we had been working on for the month, and creating and scheduling material for our social media handles. This material consisted of small news pieces, previews for the magazines, a newsletter, and anything else sales reps wanted shared on social media.

The four weeks I spent interning at Fishing Monthly Group made me aware of much I do for the company, and how working there is fantastic preparation for the real world of journalism.

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